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The Bob Brown Music Interactive Whiteboard Song Book

Welcome to Bob Brown Music. Bob Brown is the co writer and original singer of the famous Australian song “Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees,” who has had many of his humorous songs appear in the ABC Sing music song books. As a former school teacher and children’s entertainer Bob is aware of the great benefits music, especially singing, plays in the development of young students. In this unique selection of 10 of his songs, Bob provides musical computer downloads for personal computer or teacher friendly interactive white board presentations, combining his vocal and musical arrangements, accompanied by easy to read lyrics, a great asset in themselves to any reading program. For many years Bob’s songs have  been favourites of primary age children all over Australia. He worked originally for adult audiences at clubs, folk and country festivals before concentrating on entertainment where he performed for many years his one man show at primary schools Australia wide.  The songs are tried and well and truly tested with all primary school levels,  and never fail to entertain. Teachers and students alike will love the songs and the enjoyment and educational experience they bring to the classroom.

This songs in this download series where, apart from Snails Pace and Chocolate, originally recorded on Bob’s children’s album ‘Riding Round on Golfballs’ which was first released in 1994.  Bob has had many requests about purchasing the album, but the album completely sold out and unforunately there has not been a subsequent re printing.  These downloads therefore are the only versions currently available.

Bob Brown Music
Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees

Bob Brown Music
Santa Bring Me a Dinosaur

Bob Brown Music
I Swallowed a Bee



Riding ‘Round on Golf Balls

If YouGo Into the Bush

Bob Brown Music
Snail’s Pace

I Like Snakes